Slurry Tankers

Conor slurry tankers are built to the highest standard to ensure a long life and to give the customer exceptional quality and value. Conor tanks have a robust design which combined with skilled workmanship ensures top quality machinery. All tanks are mounted on a strong chassis and are rolled from 6mm steel which are then strengthened with internal implosion rings. Conor tanks are painted with a top quality 2 pack painting system and then baked in a specially designed oven to give a superior long lasting finish. Conor tanks are made using top quality components and give the customer excellent value for money.

Side Spreaders The Conor side spreader is one of the strongest and most durable on the market today. It is built to operate in the most demanding of conditions and can handle a wide range of manure from solid to slurry. Conor side spreaders come in 4 models , the 400, 750, 900 and 1000. Heavy duty bearings are used and an 150mm balanced heavy wall rotor ensure maximum strength and balanced unloading.
Slurry Agitators The new range of Conor megamix high performance slurry pumps have unrivalled mixing power and are ultra-efficient. Its unique design not only makes it user friendly and virtually maintenance free but it also makes it the strongest, most powerful and most efficient slurry pump on the market.
Swathers The Swather 7000 has been developed by Conor Engineering to aid farmers in improving the quality of grass, hay and straw. The Swather gently turns, lifts and aerates the material giving a higher drier swath helping the farmer get the most from short spells of fine weather. This leads to a better quality of hay, silage or straw; therefore a better quality of feed. The swather has a strong, robust design which is built to suit Irish conditions.

The Conor Range of Grass Toppers are the result of an evolutionary process of constant refinement and upgrading. A topper can expect a demanding life so strength and simplicity of engineering is an integral part of any Conor Topper. Conor Engineering offer a range of Grass toppers that suits the needs of all farmers.

Shear Grabs Conor Shear Grabs comes in 7 sizes; 4’6″ – 6’6″ They are strongly built and designed to cut cleanly, resulting in minimum disturbance to the silage face and ensuring maximum life expectancy of the silage block by reducing secondary fermentation.